Shipping Information of flowers in Kiev, to order a bouquet?

Information about delivery of bunches of flowers across Kiev and region

What to give beloved parents, brothers, sisters, friends, wife, child? Is there a universal gift that would please all of them came for different reasons? A gift that would reflect the subtleties of individual preferences and expressed the depth of your feelings and attitude towards a dear person?To do the man a surprise, to say that for a long time did not dare, or just paint a weekday bright colors and make a man pleased can be with a beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers.

In our time, the choice of colors does not depend on the time of year. You don't need to wait for the flowering season of roses, lilies or daisies, because our online store is round the clock involved in delivery of bouquets in Kiev and the region. It is enough to study the assortment of bouquets and flower arrangements presented on the website, you can choose the payment method, discuss did and the personal wishes with the Manager and voila!

How to make the right choice of bouquet in Kiev

The choice of bouquet is influenced by many factors. First, you need to determine a budget and choose a bouquet based on financial capabilities. Secondly, you need to consider the tastes of the person you want to make a gift. Well, if you know her or his favorite flowers, style (minimalism or the abundance of jewelry on the composition) and color. Third, do not be amiss to consider the occasion for which you wish to present flowers. On our website presents a variety of themed bouquets and arrangements for various holidays.

Wide assortment and high quality flowers with exquisite design will not let you leave empty-handed, you are sure to find what you were looking for.

How to place an order for flowers in Kiev

To order you must choose a bouquet and click on the button, which means buying. The order is accompanied by a chat with the store Manager. Since we are talking about delivery not just the order, as a gift, it is necessary to discuss in detail. You need to give the exact shipping address and desired time, the way want to pay the flowers, and to communicate their personal wishes. Often bouquets are sent as a surprise, so I can't afford any missteps.

Delivery of bouquets in Kiev

You can order flowers in our store at any time, so delivery Kyiv is available. The order made after eight o'clock in the evening will go to the recipient the next morning. If you want to please loved ones before, it is possible for an additional fee.The average delivery to Kiev takes about four hours, and the region - not more than a day. Shipping rates are presented in detail in a special section of the website.

For the convenience of customers shop works with different payment methods. You can pay for the bouquet of credit cards Visa, Mastercard and PrivatBank. We also work with online wallets that cater to different currencies: rubles, hryvnia, dollars or euros on Webmoney or Qiwi RUB to. Current system of money transfers Western Union and its analogs. This system allows you to please loved ones, even if you live in another city or even country. Also you can pay the classic way in a personal meeting with the courier. This can be done directly during the presentation of the bouquet. If you want to make a surprise and will not personally be at the delivery location (or just don't want to spoil the day for financial Affairs), it is necessary to agree in advance about the meeting with the courier. The time and place of payment is negotiated with the Manager. We are still a young team, and at the moment we are asking for help from the partner "Flower Delivery Kiev" -, we ourselves regularly work to improve our system of work with clients, make delivery in Kiev high quality and comfortable, replenished selection of bouquets, order flowers brought joy to you and your family.