Bouquet of 51 red roses 60 cm

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51 red roses 60 cm.

Rose always remembered. This is because for many years red roses are considered a symbol of passion and burning love. Bouquet of 51 red roses well will be written off in any celebration, be it birthday or corporate party. Red roses belong to the category of immortal classics, that's why they are so well suited for a variety of occasions. He will delight in a birthday or anniversary, make joyful in the celebration of March 8, or lovers.

Not for nothing are often the most memorable events in the life of women was accompanied by bouquets of bright roses. Bouquet of 51 roses are no unnecessary details: casting juicy green in color, contrast, saturation, highlight themselves roses. Special heart shape gives the bouquet a more romantic mood, but, despite this, the bouquet remains universal, so he will be happy, any lady of your surroundings. Retaining its solemnity, the bouquet continues to be casual and moderately luxurious. Because of this, you can give it even without a reason, and it will be very harmonious and beautiful look like in the hands and in the vase. A bouquet of 51 roses no doubt melt the heart of the recipient and will help to position her to him.

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